About Me


My name is Erin Elise. I am from a small town in Louisiana called LaPlace. I have two really awesome kids, a boy (4) and a girl (1)! I LOVE fashion! I love to get dressed and put clothes together, sometimes to go nowhere and do nothing! I am that friend who will never show up casual but still has a need for super cute on the go pieces when I'm with my kids. I am the most simplistic yet oh so extra person you will meet.

2632 started as an idea, years ago. I always knew this idea would come into fruition, I just didn't know when. I thought about it and prayed about it all the time and then God saw fit that it was finally time! 

I know you're probably wondering, what's 2632!? The name comes from the address of the home that I grew up in. It's the place that gives me the most comfort and the place where this idea took shape and it is the place that taught me the most invaluable lessons. My childhood home was taken due to hurricane Isaac, so now it lives on through me! 

My goal for 2632 will always be to provide clothing to women that make them feel confident and beautiful. 

Enough about me, let's get you into some AMAZING clothes!


Erin Elise